The Bowlingcenter in Friedrichshain

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  • Gift Cards

    When: 29.11.2017 til 31.12.2017
    Time: Whole Day

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    Especially on Christmas but also for every other occasion our gift certificate is always the right choiche. No matter if it's a birthday present or just a small thank you for a good friend.

    Ask our staff at the center for more information.

    Kids Birthday Party

    Price per Kid 8 €

    included are one hour of bowling, shoes, one small alcohol free beverage and a fingerfood platter including chicken nuggets and french fries.

    To extend the party for another hour we charge 10 € per lane.

    Birthday Offer

    10,50€ per Person

    included are one hour of Bowling, the shoes, one 0.4l beer or alcohol free beverage. Also included is a cold cuts and cheese platter with bread and butter.

    To extend the playtime by one hour we charge 12 € per lane.


  • BOWLERO - Bowlingcenter
    Samariterstrasse 19 - 20,
    10247 Berlin - Friedrichshain

    Tel.: 030 / 293 99 30
    Fax: 030 / 293 99 329
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